Tribute To Indian Army!!!

It was the day of 14th of Feb, the all famous valentine day. The whole of our nation was in good mood when an unfortunate thing happened. That destroyed many of our families.

Militants of a terrorist organization crashed theirs SUV with a bus of the army who were returning towards the border. The SUV contained about 300 Kg of explosives and when that crashed, the whole army bus turned to ashes.

44 army men were killed and many were gravely injured. A terrorist organization claimed the responsibility of this attack.

Even till now, the whole nation is in shock and anger but the people who are suffering the most are the families of the great men.

I never will understand what type of ideology do these terrorist have. Are Human lives so easy to kill? Is there no value to it. The families of those people will now forever cry. What mistakes did they do to see this momement.

There are many people who work for themselves and feed their families but there are some who see the whole nation as their family and even then, they deserved this?

It has been 72 years since the independence of India. But even after all these years the sneaky attacks of our neighbor keep growing. We were the followers of Gandhi, who said to preach non-violence so that one day, even the enemies will understand our feelings.

But isn’t going to far. Why does the one who cares about the Nation’s people and risk their lives have to die?

Even till now, the terrorist are accepting that by doing this types of attack they will go to heaven. Is it true? At some point I used to think that the most expensive thing in human world is a life because it is not so easy to give life rather than to take one!

I am sorry but this time I really don’t have a conclusion because I don’t know whether they will stop or not. Will there be a day when the ruthless killings will be stopped. Will there be ever be a day, when no father or mother have to cry to see their dead son.

I don’t know all of this but I certainly want something and believe me, that is revenge to all those people who pulled up this incident and those who try to harm and destroy the peace of our Nation.

Maybe this is the time when we have to abort our non-violence scheme because as I have seen They are not going to improve at all.

May their soul rest in peace

When do you think people die?

When they are killed with bullets?

Die with old age ? or when they fight in wars?

People die when they are forgotten.

So, never forget these who died to protect us and even now, they are not willing to back down.

Salute to Indian Army!!!


Our Precarious Future (A.I)

No matter how much I like to view Artificial Intelligence in good way there will be always who see it as the ending of human civilization.

I have been a fan of A.I since a quite time now but when I reached college, I thought this is the time that I have to do something about it. I have to learn everything about it. So at first I started watching YouTube for it and god!. There is a hell of hatred towards it.

Sure there were people who saw it as a good thing that is revolutionizing the world and it will be always helping us. Every professor said this line at the ending “A.I are just tools to help us humans. it’s up to us whether we use it for our wellbeing or other’s destruction”.

But a question pop up in my mind whether we are controlling them or they will be controlling us, remember it’s never about them, it’s always about us.

See around us and observe there is Laptop, Smartphones, T.V and quite gaming objects available. Do you think that non-living things can harm us ? Well think again and see that how human are obsessed over them. Harming their eyes, playing non-stop daily, removing every social-life and becoming a maniac.

I got that it comes up to the choice of us, that whether we can use it as per our wellbeing rather than discomfort or destruction.

A.I will be a very important tool that is available now in a very small quantity but it will soon be available over the place making the work of humans quite easy.

Some people say it will take the jobs of humans. Well, sure it will take that job but it is certain that it will also open many new and different job sector for them.

As many say, History repeats itself . See the industrial revolutions and many other’s, it will destroy some jobs but soon make places for many others.

Now it always come down us to how to use it, whether we let them take control over us by loosing our self or we get benefited by it.

Many people say, it will lead to new type of war and I really don’t know what to say about it. There have been already two World Wars and many massacre between us humans due to land, religion and many more reasons. Do you think a machine can cause more?

I am currently learning machine leaning and if anyone of you know much about A.I course, pls help me to reach a certain level as I really want to learn this beautiful topic. I will be waiting for your comments.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have watched these movies, The Matrix, The Terminator, I- robot and many more. These are awesome movie and I really want to prove them wrong.

Until next time



Why It Failed Last Year?

Hey guys! Happy new year’s eve. It’s 9 hours more to welcome 2019 in India. Well, guys, I hope that many of you might be thinking about what new year resolutions to make for this year and many of you might also have made yours. Well, guys allow me to tell you my conversation with my best friend, Ad about his new year resolutions.

Me: Hey man! What’s your new year resolutions for 2019?

Ad: Nothing man! That same old stuff only.

Me: Those? Healthy eating, waking up early, exercise daily and all other stuff?

Ad: Yeah! This year I’m not even making any resolution because I read an article yesterday that if you can’t follow your decisions and see it through the end then you will end up having a bad habit of dropping everything and a mindset that ‘I fail at whatever I start’ so why even bother to make resolutions.

Me: Yeah man! That’s quite right. It does work this way but you should have read something else also which would have helped you in deciding to make this year resolution and this year miraculously completing them.

Ad: Really? What thing?

Me: Yeah, sure! I’ll tell you mine about what I read, practised and it’s tried and true. A more personalized one.

Ad: Oh! shoot, then.

We all can relate to my friend Ad and I can even relate more because actually, Ad is me. More specifically, Ad is me from last year! Let me clarify! Actually last year I was same as Ad, sceptical about making new year resolution and confident enough that I won’t complete them. So, then, how am I different than last year Adit? Actually not much different but yes psychologically I have undergone quite a change! And as a part of that today I’m here to teach Ad about how to make a new year resolution and seeing it through the end.

What’ wrong?

So 1st of all I wanna say that the way every other person make new year resolution is actually not a complete way of making it. Allow me to explain. Let’s say that I make a new year resolution ‘to get leaner and fit this year and become more health conscious’. This statement will tell my mind only about ‘what I want to do’. But that’s not enough message for our mind to make it stick with the new year resolution. Then what more to do?

Doing it the right way!

Telling my mind only about ‘what to do’ won’t suffice. Our mind needs an action plan to work on and follow the required steps to complete the given task. So, I need to chart an action plan for my health goal and this is how I did it.

Well, it’s my unfiltered 2019 resolution for health and special interests included as well. I hope y’all understood what I’m trying to convey. So, now that action plan is ready what’s next?

Moving a step further

The last thing that I wanna knows that after all these work I didn’t complete my 2019 resolutions. Well, that hurts! So, the next thing I need to do that I check my action plan daily and chunk it too weekly and monthly achievable goals and audit them as the week or month end. This way I’ll be able to keep a check on my progress and in turn, it’ll motivate me further to accomplish more. One more thing, to be specific Y’all need to make a goal in 6 aspects of life, they are

  1. Health and body
  2. Career and success
  3. Wealth
  4. Relationship
  5. Personal Interests
  6. Physical Objects (like what you want, eg a new car, a watch, etc)

PS. Make your goal as specific and clear so that a 6-year-old can read it and understand it coz that’s the clarity that it takes to make your mind understand the task wholly and chart on the mission to accomplish it.

Reason for so much hassle

That’s all folks! I decided to write on this topic because I wanted to share how I’m designing my resolution and in the hope that it might help my readers also. And there’s one more reason to publicly share my knowledge because now that I have delivered my plan to Y’all then now I have to be accountable on this to all my reader and if I might slack off then there’ll be someone who might poke me and remind me about my goal. And it’s especially about delivering my quality content to you throughout the year and publish 150 posts this year. It’s my motive to provide value through all my posts to my reader and be of some help. Every minute spent on reading my article must be well utilised by Y’all. It’s quite a commitment I need to work on through this year. Thank you guys for reading and be with me till last of this long post. Your comments are most welcome and if you’d like then do share about your resolutions and how you’re gonna achieve it.

Let us all crush it in 2019.

Wishing Y’all a very happy and prosperous 2K19.

Peace. A. Continue reading “Why It Failed Last Year?”

Unwanted Work !!!

Has it ever happened to you that you have to do the task you don’t feel like doing or don’t have interest in.

It’s frustrating isn’t ? Well currently I’m in the same scenario. I have to read and score marks in subjects in which I don’t have a single interest.

Why is it so? I tried asking my friends and teachers about it but no one has any clue. They are just doing taught what’s been told earlier.

It really frustrates me. We don’t have the option to ask the reason for all of this.

Some people say it’s about the marks that make secure careers. It really do scares the sh*t out of me.

I know , I know

The see a change in a world you have to be the change

But still, I think these people were more experienced than me, they would have a better idea of how the world works or how to make dent in it. 😂

Whatever, let’s see how it goes on. I am not studying this subject and let’s see what the future has hold for me.

Till next time adios.!!!

The Hard Task!!

We all are living and working in the same universe surrounded by people. What are the hardest task you think happens throughout the day? What do you think about it, whether you want to fix it, get over it or ignore it ?

In my day to day life what I found difficult is waking up early morning, gathering the strength to go to class whether I like it or not. Then afterwards finding the courage to go for an adventure( I am a pretty lazy guy). These are the tasks I find difficult. Some are pretty stupid and some have been with me since childhood.

Recently I have been reading a book called Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It is a fantastic book on human psychology that helped me to get me over some facts. This book had helped me realize the fact that there are some problems I didn’t have before but have started now.

Something like Speaking in Public or in Stage. Usually, I am a quite loud fellow who yells whatever he wants but nowadays with some people around me. I have noticed that they didn’t seem to share the same mindset as me So I choose to be silent and I don’t think this is going good.

The people around me maybe good or bad who knows? I am sure you guys would know what I mean. Well, this book helped me get over the fact that you can’t always satisfy other’s need before you. Yes, you maybe kind-hearted but if these things keep going on you will start hating yourselves and that is the one thing you would never want.

Self Love is very Important for everyone around you. Hey, we are going off topic, aren’t we? I am freelancing in this If you know what I mean. I am writing anything that comes first in my mind without editing or anything. I often do these type of things as it helps to clear the mind.

Writing was also one of the things I used to dislike but nowadays This is what I love. I found my strength in this. When I started I would have never thought that I would reach here. There are miles more to go but these checkpoints helped me realized that my task is getting appreciated.

As about the things like Waking up in the morning that is impossible. I often bunk classes and you would know the rest.

Remember Life is like a video game, there is not only one game available but various another. Don’t choose a game just because there is too much hype around it. You maybe good at it or not. Find a game which you like because You play game for the main part not for the end scene or credit scene. Don’t let your future-self cry over that part.

RYAN HIGA – You tuber

Thanks guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to share something please do it on comment section and I will be sure to reply this within time.

Till next time, adios!!!

Do Dreams Speak ??

Have you ever feal that dreams speak to you ? Well it has happen several times to me. I often go to many dimensions in my sleep😂 . When I wake up contrary to others I totally remember my dream but what bothers is that I couldn’t do anything to speak through it. There are dreams which came countless times in my life. I will tell you one of that. It starts with me along my whole family enjoying a festival in a village. I came out of house to take a stroll when I see several tank coming there, naturally I run towards my home screaming about and guess what, no body believes me!! Oh, that frustration. I went to my brother whom I thought that he will believe it but also he didn’t. I ran to outside finding that the tanks are ready to take aim and I was helpless to do anything, I couldn’t run alone leaving everyone. That was one thing I have control over. Then I slid back in my house hearing the thunderous crack of tanks blazing and just as it was about to crash a Slap crash into my cheeks from myb mother shouting me to wake up.
Image Source : Walli
Well, that was scary and it happened first in my 7th class so no, that was not due to Hollywood movies. It again happened in the 11th class where I was alone in my Hostel when I wake up I was bathing with sweat and full of hopeless feeling. These dreams thought me the power of hope. That Feeling even though it was just a dream was dangerous. These type of Dreams often come into my mind and I don’t know why?Are they telling me something or I am really in other dimension in my sleep. The Possibilities are Endless that’s what I think. Well, If I could I will write a thesis about dreams but just let it this way. Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you really enjoyed this post. Subscribe for more of this content. Till next time, Adios!!

Is Technology Going too Fast for us ??

Nowadays, everyone in the family has their own mobile. So, they prefer to give their time to mobile rather than being in the family. If you observe you will see that earlier without smartphone, we would see most of the family or friends pics but nowadays, all that is left in gallery is meme or so.

What are the needs and how we are going is completely different. Mobile development has opened the path for many android and IOS developers. They create a good app for themselves and also for the society.

But just like everything we get too much obsessed with it at so we seem to forget what is the point behind it all.

I am not blaming any products or so but think on your own. First we used to go to a restaurant with our friends and family but nowadays, all we do is order food from an app. Again, this is a very good thing considering that sometimes we can’t go far away but also at the same time it is quite boring.

There were also many prank apps(I don’t want to specify them) which lead to major psychological disorders in children. Maybe that app was meant for adults in order to test their daring power but unfortunately, that fell into the hands of little children which lead towards much darker events.

There was a theoretical physicist named J.Robert Oppenheimer. Many few people know about him in today’s generation. He was called the father of atomic Bomb as he had one of the main hands in the Bombing of Hiroshima-Nagasaki.

Now, I will surely not go in depth to judge whether it was wrong or right. But what I want to simplify is that even at that time Technology was overwhelming for people. So, overwhelming that without even knowing it’s total power, they tried to use it which led to disaster. Even in the current scenario, all the nations fear each other for that same weapon.

Now, comparing these two would be insane ,Right?Well If you observe clearly you will find that all the stories begin in this way. Sometimes, we get too overwhelmed by things we don’t understand.

Mobile apps have a great future for developers but what’s the use if we can’t use it for the benefit of our society. I read a quote somewhere that said ” The True Purpose of Education Is to make minds not Careers”.

Now, if you understood this GREAT! but for those who couldn’t get it ,I will simplify,see humans are very sensitive beings . We always fear the things we don’t understand and once we understand and see people hype over it, we also get obsessed with it without considering our own values.

So, we should have a far vision and analyse where are we going. I am sure there will be many people who will disagree with what I said but everyone has their own thoughts and opinions and I completely respect them.

Now, I have nothing against Mobile developers as I am an engineer too. It mostly depends on the people using it but sometimes , people aren’t just ready for this.

I hope you liked this post and maybe learnt something from it.

We should always remember that “A Man who doesn’t spend time with his Family can never be a real Man” – The Godfather.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this. Click here if you want to see more pictures from my friends Gallery. Thanks to Kushal Sharma for the editing work.

Till Next time, Adios!!!

Best Gift Of the Year!!!

Yep, you heard it right. I just got the biggest gift of this year and I can’t specify how happy I am. Here Goes-

I got my website approved in Google Ad sense. Yes, the feeling can’t be described in words. They are the thing I have to work on from now on and that means more high-quality post that is enjoyable and stuff.

I am sure as hell excited to get this thing rolling. Thank all you guys in WordPress, to making it possible. It may seem like a small thing but for me after a bad day, this feels like Heaven.

If not for you guys, I would have never got the Motivation for writing my feelings out. Thanks to Everyone. Cheers!!! You can check the website out here . Things are stuck now but it will be sorted now!!

Failure – Moment of Happiness or Sadness

I won’t call it as a task of bravery or anything but I really didn’t expect it. Presenting the 1st backlog of my carrier that means I failed one of the exams of my college.

Just as I got this news, I was horrified as the friend who told me about this passed in all the exams and here I was, So Confident of my belief that it won’t have any effect on my self.

But as I talked to more and more friends I learned that all of them passed. Now, this hurt me, I wasn’t accepting this. My whole birthday party ruined.

Thousand of thoughts are crossing my wind every second. “If only I got passing marks” , ” It doesn’t change my life” and a second later “Now, I will have a big trouble , a scar for my life”.

I really treasure this part of my life. It keeps changing. There are some parts which don’t change like the love for my parents, my devote towards my passion of writing and learning A.I but what keeps changing is the current scenario of my college situation, I may act strong today but I will tell you the truth “It hurts”.

I think it is mandatory for everyone to learn pain in their life, It really seems easier while studying other’s biography but in your case, situation changes.

Pardon my Childish brain. But even in this case I promise My passion won’t be disturbed. Let the game between my passion and problems begin. Now, the problem is small and it is sure to be high but I will be happy. That’s for sure and long as I have you guys with me.

Thanking for reading the state of my mind. Wish you a happy day. Peace!! If you got time check out my new website.

Till next time. Adios!!

Should we have smaller dreams ?

You May Call it as a beginner exp. or so. But I am seeing it for a long time.

In one of my classes a student asked the teacher that why are we studying the subject that we haven’t chosen, or we have no interest in.

Contrary to my expectation the teacher said that “It doesn’t matter what we want, we are simply getting ready for the industries, we do what the industries ask us so that they finally hire us”.

Well, I think that if we humans were having this type of mentality, we would never go beyond the cave. Sorry if you are hurt by my words but this is what I think.

Is this the whole purpose of life. Well, I won’t run on these things. If there is a thing that is called Innovation, I will make a run for it. I will set my dreams higher, even if that means impossible for others.

I know many people will think that this is a common thing or the teacher was saying reality only and yes maybe they were but I was really disturbed by the fact that he submitted that there was nothing we could do to be different.

All hail the soul of Einstein and every other Scientists who tried these foolish things. Yet here they are trying to shussh down the dreams of others by telling us to be industry ready and be dependent on it. Really?

These funny people’s narrow point of view is never gonna penetrate my thick skull to dim the fire inside me. You also be careful with those voices.

People who helped you!

We all have many people who have helped us to reach this path we are on. People who have helped you in making who you are now. We all have them. It is not necessary that these people must be a family member or so. They can be anyone from a bystander to a person seeing in movies or to be read in a novel.

They have helped us by giving us a sense of knowledge. The path to know the truth. The path to be Happy. You can’t imagine where you would be without them.

I also have people like them and as I said beside my parents these are the people who have really given my path, my roommates in college, an anime series called Naruto, a tv series called Supernatural and reading my first novel by Dan Brown. They all taught me something that others couldn’t even hope to. Beside enjoyement, they have teached me ideology that wishes to help others and to be kind and to be courageful and to be curious..

They have made up my mentality and really I couldn’t imagine where I would have been without them. It is not important what other people think of them but it’s important what you think of them.

I will be waiting for your answers on who are those people on which you guys believe in. Show your love in comments. Until next time! Catch it in on my website.

Given a chance! (Poem)

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So, you think you can do something

little different or out of the box

that given a chance you can change the world

by your revolutionary ideas and thoughts!!

You have guts to stand out

and make your presence out to the world

So you leave your comfort zone

to venture out to the uncertain!!

You knew you could fail

but you kept that fear away

because after all you knew

failure is a part of winning, so you stand out!

Now the whole world know you

You have to meet their expectations

Is this pressure binding you

from the adventure to your chosen battle!

Even though there is a thousand book on life

you knew that inside

that no matter how many books you read

in venturing the true experience reside.

Well I can’t say anything more

You have my permission

to show the world there is freedom, joy and happiness

even in the darkest moment of the season!!!

Any suggestions and comments are welcome 😊😊

Thank you for reading soo much. I hope you liked and enjoyed it. Come back again if you like that. Until next time!!!

The Unwanted Future(Poem)

Hey guys, as everyone requested this is the 2nd poem that I have written. You can Enjoy this poem on my new and own website also. 

So, We humans are the pinnacle of our race!

But everyday I see a sorrow on our face

It was your mistake, we all shout

But never had the time, too see ourselves

Einstein, Newton and Mother Teresa

Was they good ? I thought

But after seeing Hitler, Osama, Saddam

and North Korea (now a days)

Do We do have a doubt?

Maybe I have a lack of experience on these

Maybe this is the way we should live!

But after learning from John Keating

I really thought, there was a freedom in life

But little did I knew, Humans mind everything

Are our beliefs are so weak

That we get hurt by some punk statement

All of this Ego and selfish act

Turn down on this day, Is this Judgement

That after 2000 years

We do fear war

Is this the pinnacle of our race?

Thank you for reading this poem as I really wanted to take out my frustration on someone and what is better than a good-old poem.

This poem can be better explained at one of my old post.

If you liked it and want more like this then follow us!

Until next time!

The Grandfather Paradox!

Do you know what the tittle means? It is an anomaly thought by many theorist who think of traveling through time.

Let me explain in easy words: Suppose you traveled through time to the past. In the time where your grandfather used to live. Now think by some incident, someone killed your grandfather.

Now suppose, you want to return to your time or according to present(Grandfather’s time) to future(Your time). How will you return? because now as your grandfather is killed, your father wouldn’t have been born and as your father, you also wouldn’t have been born.

This is a big confusion isn’t it? If you know little bit of math it would be easy, suppose you start solving a equation and by time you also got the solution. Now, think you want to check the solution by putting it in the equation and somehow, the equations has been changed. So by this they solution wouldn’t have any value isn’t it?

The solution wouldn’t have any value just like us when we change the past. So, we are anomaly at this life. This is the thing which is still confusing many scientists all across the globe, if somehow this problem is solved.

We will be able to travel across the time and we will find all the missing pieces of how the earth came to be or how the Universe come to be?

So, let me know how you think how of this post and if you have any idea of it, please share, I will be waiting. Check out the wikipedia for this.

Thank you for reading and until later, Sayonara!


Do you know what Enigma is? It was a high-tech machine created by German cryptographers during the W.W.2 regime, that secured their conversations all over.

Before it was taken by the army, the main aim was for business people, who use it for securing their transactions. After several alteration, it came to use for the army.

During the War, several countries tap the conversations of others to lead them help but it was known that this German security was impenetrable. The Enigma made their security so invincible that other countries were unable to do anything.

This is what normal people know now let me tell me the interior story.

There was a so-called traitor in German who had hands at all of the blueprints and keys of the Enigma, he knew that the war was near, so he chooses to send every one of the blueprints to codebreakers in Poland.

Their code breakers work continuously to find a solution for it. The code breakers in Poland after breaking the Enigma soon found out that Germany is invading Poland. So, whatever secrets they had, they send it out to Bletchley Park in England.

When England got the papers they were surprised that Poland’s codebreakers were able to break Enigma. As the war broke out throughout the cities, the Enigma was upgraded again.

England invited their most talented Mathematician, code breakers and puzzle solvers at one place, ‘Bletchley Park ‘ to break the invincible Enigma.

Out of them, there was a person called Alan Turing.

Credit to Wikipedia

He was a little different, different in many aspects. Talented as he was, he wanted to create something totally different as ever before. He wished to create something that was never thought on earth at that time.

He knew that Human Brain was able to run at a certain limit and no further, so he designed a machine to overcome that limit.

The main function of that machine was to break the Enigma very easily .

After some time, he completed his machine and today those advanced machines are called Computers. Yes!!

He was the first person to device such a machine that could that so many calculations at simultaneous at that time.

It is called that due to that machine, the Enigma was finally broken, and the conversations of Germans were easily known to all. So, the war ended quickly.

It is said that the invention of that machine ended the war 4 years before it was predicted to. Saving countless lives.

Anyway, none of these was made public that made this great invention unknown to others. And soon after it, Alan Turing was found to be homosexual.

At that time, a homosexual was found to be a criminal. So, according to the courts, he was given the medication that leads him to illness and one day, he did suicide.

So, One of the greatest minds of human history died due to such BS reason. In 1970’s, finally, all of this news was known to the public.

There are so many persons that have hidden talents throughout our world. Only if we wish to try something new than sticking on a same old thing. The world will truly develop.

It is not only about the Humans, but Nature has also thought us that only the fittest will survive, isn’t. The one who doesn’t believe in impossible things were never able to see the future.

My Blog Title is also Time- Enigma as I believe it that just like Enigma, there is no such thing as impossible.

Thank you guys for reading and I do hope you enjoyed the post. Until then

Sayonara 😁

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