The Meaning behind festival!!!

Happy Diwali to all.

Hello again and sorry for the delay. This time around I want to talk about my realization. Seriously, doubting yourself is bad but checking your ideas is good.

Not going off the topic, I will state directly what I want to say. At one point of time of my life, my confidence towards God was totally destroyed. All I wanted was logic and fact behind every happenings and I couldn’t find them in every aspect of them. Proof about it was very less and all that remained was stories. In my small mind, my inner-self wanted to find the answer about it. After failing to find any, I was disgusted. So I refused to believe in it.

But again sometimes, your life exactly gives you the lesson you wanted to learn. If you have read this Post you would have found the confusion I was in. The dilemma was too much. But I guess blogging was the best thing to find all the answer I was looking for.

The meaning of God has changed so much throughout time. I don’t know whatever I am saying is true or not but according to me, the meaning was often misunderstood. Who said that to enjoy a festival you have to be a soul believer in god. At least, so many people join with their family on this occasion. Isn’t the reunion worth it? All working people, finally get 2-3 day holiday for enjoying with their families.

diwallib 57

We talk about temples in far land or why we should go there but don’t you find all the adventure waiting there. As we all know ” Journey is more important than the destination”. We all read much thought but we never relate them to our daily life in many matters. Imagine one day, a family thought of visiting a temple on some another place, they took a vehicle to reach there, having enough enjoyment on the journey. Eating, taking a glimpse at wonders of nature and taking halts along the journey with their loved ones whom they never had enough time to pass.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Try to understand the meaning behind everything. The gradual increase in intolerant ideology can harm people as nobody else could. Many of my friends don’t believe in God, does it mean I should stop talking to them. No, not at all. Try to understand Believing in God is not compulsory. Religion doesn’t mean what we understand. It is a way to live on this earth to enjoy, your ideology, your rules. As long as we understand this and try not to hurt the beliefs of others it doesn’t matter.

I am very sorry if you got hurt by any of my words, I never try to hurt the sentiments of others. But I will write what I feel is true and I hope you will like it. Thank you for reading this.

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Published by Anubhav Sinha

Hello, I am a 1st-year student pursuing engineering in Banglore. I love to write, it's my passion. I wanted to write since I was a kid. I mostly write about stories of fiction, sci-fi and many more. Currently, I am more involved in writing one of my 1st completed novels . I will be happy if you give me any feedbacks or any ideas on a topic.

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