Why do we write?

Many people have asked me the same question, the same over and over again as I share my posts with them. They told me that I should have studied at the time when I get to write. I try to make them understand that they didn’t understand.

Now the biggest thing, what if I tell you that The “Many people” reference is actually me only. Yep, it’s correct. My mind sometimes does question my Intention of this thing. Whenever I have spare time, I always think what would have been the best topic to write about. I push my mind to think.

Sometimes, I do not find any topics at all, but most of the times, I get so many things crossing my mind that it causes me Insomnia (It’s also due to my college friends).

I write because whenever I see wrong things happening with people or anyone and also because when I see the wrong mindset of a person I couldn’t directly go and talk about this to him, so I prefer that I post it on the Internet where someone would be benefited from it.

There is a lot of bad out there on the earth, lot’s off and it is true that we can’t stop all of them. People mindset develop after years and years of living and they just couldn’t leave them just by reading some posts. It couldn’t make them feel something.

But often I think that if there is a younger me on the internet who finds this post maybe he will have a broader mindset than me.

This is the reason, I post and also because it really takes the stress out of my mind and makes it clear. LoL

I really want to know the reason you guy’s write on WordPress. I will be waiting for your guys response so please comment your feelings.

Until then , Sayonara!!!


Published by Anubhav Sinha

Hello, I am a 1st-year student pursuing engineering in Banglore. I love to write, it's my passion. I wanted to write since I was a kid. I mostly write about stories of fiction, sci-fi and many more. Currently, I am more involved in writing one of my 1st completed novels . I will be happy if you give me any feedbacks or any ideas on a topic.

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  1. Interesting post. I mainly write about whatever I find curious or catches my attention. It could be about a movie I just saw or a podcast I viewed online. I do a lot of reflection as well where I write about my past; my upbringing and my young adulthood. My blog is mainly a journal of my muses and ramblings to keep myself entertained and record my thoughts about topics that really interest me. Based on what I have read, the blogs which are more successful are not esoteric like mine. Rather they focus on a particular topic or subject matter. For example it could be poetry, music or diet.

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