People who helped you!

We all have many people who have helped us to reach this path we are on. People who have helped you in making who you are now. We all have them. It is not necessary that these people must be a family member or so. They can be anyone from a bystander to a person seeing in movies or to be read in a novel.

They have helped us by giving us a sense of knowledge. The path to know the truth. The path to be Happy. You can’t imagine where you would be without them.

I also have people like them and as I said beside my parents these are the people who have really given my path, my roommates in college, an anime series called Naruto, a tv series called Supernatural and reading my first novel by Dan Brown. They all taught me something that others couldn’t even hope to. Beside enjoyement, they have teached me ideology that wishes to help others and to be kind and to be courageful and to be curious..

They have made up my mentality and really I couldn’t imagine where I would have been without them. It is not important what other people think of them but it’s important what you think of them.

I will be waiting for your answers on who are those people on which you guys believe in. Show your love in comments. Until next time! Catch it in on my website.


Published by Anubhav Sinha

Hello, I am a 1st-year student pursuing engineering in Banglore. I love to write, it's my passion. I wanted to write since I was a kid. I mostly write about stories of fiction, sci-fi and many more. Currently, I am more involved in writing one of my 1st completed novels . I will be happy if you give me any feedbacks or any ideas on a topic.

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  1. I love Supernatural too! And for the record, I have never realized someone is always by my side until I’ve learned to love myself back. It is always the appreciation of yourself that will lead to appreciating what others do to help you.

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