Should we have smaller dreams ?

You May Call it as a beginner exp. or so. But I am seeing it for a long time.

In one of my classes a student asked the teacher that why are we studying the subject that we haven’t chosen, or we have no interest in.

Contrary to my expectation the teacher said that “It doesn’t matter what we want, we are simply getting ready for the industries, we do what the industries ask us so that they finally hire us”.

Well, I think that if we humans were having this type of mentality, we would never go beyond the cave. Sorry if you are hurt by my words but this is what I think.

Is this the whole purpose of life. Well, I won’t run on these things. If there is a thing that is called Innovation, I will make a run for it. I will set my dreams higher, even if that means impossible for others.

I know many people will think that this is a common thing or the teacher was saying reality only and yes maybe they were but I was really disturbed by the fact that he submitted that there was nothing we could do to be different.

All hail the soul of Einstein and every other Scientists who tried these foolish things. Yet here they are trying to shussh down the dreams of others by telling us to be industry ready and be dependent on it. Really?

These funny people’s narrow point of view is never gonna penetrate my thick skull to dim the fire inside me. You also be careful with those voices.


Published by Anubhav Sinha

Hello, I am a 1st-year student pursuing engineering in Banglore. I love to write, it's my passion. I wanted to write since I was a kid. I mostly write about stories of fiction, sci-fi and many more. Currently, I am more involved in writing one of my 1st completed novels . I will be happy if you give me any feedbacks or any ideas on a topic.

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