Is Technology Going too Fast for us ??

Nowadays, everyone in the family has their own mobile. So, they prefer to give their time to mobile rather than being in the family. If you observe you will see that earlier without smartphone, we would see most of the family or friends pics but nowadays, all that is left in gallery is meme or so.

What are the needs and how we are going is completely different. Mobile development has opened the path for many android and IOS developers. They create a good app for themselves and also for the society.

But just like everything we get too much obsessed with it at so we seem to forget what is the point behind it all.

I am not blaming any products or so but think on your own. First we used to go to a restaurant with our friends and family but nowadays, all we do is order food from an app. Again, this is a very good thing considering that sometimes we can’t go far away but also at the same time it is quite boring.

There were also many prank apps(I don’t want to specify them) which lead to major psychological disorders in children. Maybe that app was meant for adults in order to test their daring power but unfortunately, that fell into the hands of little children which lead towards much darker events.

There was a theoretical physicist named J.Robert Oppenheimer. Many few people know about him in today’s generation. He was called the father of atomic Bomb as he had one of the main hands in the Bombing of Hiroshima-Nagasaki.

Now, I will surely not go in depth to judge whether it was wrong or right. But what I want to simplify is that even at that time Technology was overwhelming for people. So, overwhelming that without even knowing it’s total power, they tried to use it which led to disaster. Even in the current scenario, all the nations fear each other for that same weapon.

Now, comparing these two would be insane ,Right?Well If you observe clearly you will find that all the stories begin in this way. Sometimes, we get too overwhelmed by things we don’t understand.

Mobile apps have a great future for developers but what’s the use if we can’t use it for the benefit of our society. I read a quote somewhere that said ” The True Purpose of Education Is to make minds not Careers”.

Now, if you understood this GREAT! but for those who couldn’t get it ,I will simplify,see humans are very sensitive beings . We always fear the things we don’t understand and once we understand and see people hype over it, we also get obsessed with it without considering our own values.

So, we should have a far vision and analyse where are we going. I am sure there will be many people who will disagree with what I said but everyone has their own thoughts and opinions and I completely respect them.

Now, I have nothing against Mobile developers as I am an engineer too. It mostly depends on the people using it but sometimes , people aren’t just ready for this.

I hope you liked this post and maybe learnt something from it.

We should always remember that “A Man who doesn’t spend time with his Family can never be a real Man” – The Godfather.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this. Click here if you want to see more pictures from my friends Gallery. Thanks to Kushal Sharma for the editing work.

Till Next time, Adios!!!


Published by Anubhav Sinha

Hello, I am a 1st-year student pursuing engineering in Banglore. I love to write, it's my passion. I wanted to write since I was a kid. I mostly write about stories of fiction, sci-fi and many more. Currently, I am more involved in writing one of my 1st completed novels . I will be happy if you give me any feedbacks or any ideas on a topic.

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