About Us

A little about me.

Hello, I am Anubhav Sinha currently living in Banglore and completing my engineering in RNS IT.

Writing is my passion, I love writing ever since I was a kid, actually, nobody ever read that, so I always kept it to me. Blogger is a great platform for me to share my feeling with you guys.
Actually, I am writing a novel, so while completing that story I am trying to perfect my English here. IT would be great if you would give me some suggestions.

Thank you very much for reading and showing an interest in my blog and I will be always ready to post a new picture-perfect fresh material for your reading.

A little about teammate 2

Hello, this is Aditya. A team-mate of Anubhav and editor-in-chief. I am here to share the topics, articles, activity and other stuff that I myself learn and practise in day-to-day life. My prime motive is to provide value to my readers through my work. No BS. Whatever I write is tried and true. 
Well, I’m an aspiring world-traveller and right now working on the plan on how to execute it. Right now I’m a want-epreneur, or an aspiring entrepreneur. I just want to make this world a better place to live before I leave this planet. That’s what I breathe for.


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