Why It Failed Last Year?

Hey guys! Happy new year’s eve. It’s 9 hours more to welcome 2019 in India. Well, guys, I hope that many of you might be thinking about what new year resolutions to make for this year and many of you might also have made yours. Well, guys allow me to tell you my conversation with […]

Does true love really work in this society?

Talking about true love. Mother’s love and care for her child. Does that count as a true love? Absolutely. Does that work? Any doubt? Mother’s love for her child is the purest form of love one experience in their life. In fact, father’s care and love for his child is also unparalleled. Actually every parent […]

Just Ranting

Hey guys! How Y’all doing? Well, this is my 2nd blog post. I wrote my 1st two months ago back in October. Well I thought many times about writing my next one but due to some turmoil in my head, I just didn’t! Well, I’m writing this post just to speak my heart out. I’m […]

BRAIN: A notoriously well-behaved child

We all have heard this from our parent or elders that  “this BRAIN is a great asset if you’re the Master but a liability if it becomes your master”. Isn’t it? But does this relationship between us and our brain really work out well if we become its master? I’ll answer it but before that […]

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